10 Platforms, 3 Ziplines, 2 Spiral Staircase, 2 Abseil Point, 1 Roller Zipline, 1 Sky Walk


Experience the ultimate adventure at World C+! Our Zipline 10 Platforms offers high-speed ziplines, abseil points, and a spiral staircase. Take a thrilling ride on the Jungle Roller Coaster through the jungle, and enjoy a peaceful walk on the Sky Walk. Refuel with a delicious set menu lunch. Transportation included. Book now for an unforgettable day!

10 Platforms, 3 Ziplines, 2 Spiral Staircase, 2 Abseil Point, 1 Roller Zipline, 1 Sky Walk


Embark on an extraordinary escapade with World C+. Our Zipline 10 Platforms promises an array of exhilarating encounters packed into a compact yet thrilling bundle. Brace yourself for 3 high-speed ziplines, 2 abseil points, and a spiral staircase, including an impressive 500-meter zipline.

The Jungle Roller Coaster stands out as a captivating attraction that whisks you away on an 800-meter round trip through the lush heart of the jungle. On the flip side, the Sky Walk offers a tranquil stroll amidst the treetops, providing a serene respite amidst your adrenaline-fueled escapades.

Cap off your adventure-filled day with a delectable set menu lunch, designed to relax and refuel you.

With all-inclusive transportation, we ensure your journey to and from World C+ is seamless. Step into World C+ for an unforgettable expedition that harmoniously blends excitement, the splendor of nature, and moments of pure relaxation.

  1. Cancellation will be accepted (refund will be given)when it initiated at least 24 hours before the play time.
  2. In case of unintentional cancellation such as accident, fever, the guest needs to providing a medical certificate or related document to get the refund of the purchase.
  3. No show on the pick-up time and no notification in advance will be resulting no refund can be given in any case.
  4. Changing the Play Date or Play Time will be charged 300 baht/person on a pick-up zone and 500 baht/person if out of transfer zone area.
  5. If you purchasing the ticket Not from our website the cancellation policy may be different as it will be depending on the distributor/agent itself.